About Us

I started the activity of Trademark Partners in China in 2016, then under the ForCap brand. In early 2020, I rebranded it to Trademark Partners, but the vision remained the same – to help entrepreneurs ensure that their trademarks are protected in China. Together with cooperating lawyers, we do it with full conviction, because we combine practical knowledge of running a business in the Middle Kingdom with legal knowledge provided by professional lawyers, patent attorneys and partners in our project. Today we handle signs in a large part of Asia Pacific and Far East.

We operate in the rhythm of Asia, that is, quickly. And always as professional as possible.

Michał Bielewicz

FAQ about Trademark Partners

How long have you been dealing with trademarks?

We have been dealing with trademarks since the beginning of 2016, initially under the ForCap brand. At that time, not many people were still dealing with this subject in Poland, there was no such widespread promotion of trademark registration as there is today. And we were already securing trademark rights for Polish entrepreneurs at that time.

What sets Trademark Partners apart?

What sets us apart is first and foremost our very extensive practical knowledge of trademark protection and doing business in China, as well as our long-standing and personal relationships with professional lawyers working for Trademark Partners in China and Poland.

Are you better than law firms?

We feel that we are very good in the field of trademarks, partly because we work with law firms. What sets us apart is our understanding of business in Asia, which is a big advantage over many law firms in Poland. And it is the combination of our understanding of business in China or Asia as a whole with our knowledge and experience that gives us the feeling of being a substantive leader in the field.

What do you do better than other Polish companies specializing in trademark protection?

In our opinion, we are able to advise on the completeness of trademark protection much better than companies stationed across the Vistula. One, that we work here and understand the mechanisms of the Chinese market, its speed and nuances. Second, we work with local attorneys with whom we have great relationships. And relationships, as you probably know, mean a lot in the Asian world.

We are not cocky, but we know where we are strong and we talk about it without barriers.

What is the best way to contact you?

The easiest way is to fill out the contact form (at the bottom of the page) and drop us a line, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. If necessary, we will set up an online meeting to discuss the details. If you prefer another form of contact, no problem. We are open-minded 😊.

Can I make an appointment with you?

Of course you can. Contact us, we will set a date and talk.

Is it a commitment for me to meet with you?

Absolutely, meeting with us is not a commitment for you, nor do you have to pay anything for it. We see it as a chance to get to know you, to show you what we can do.

Afterwards, you decide whether you want to entrust us with your trademark protection project or whether you want to use the services of another company. The second situation is a valuable signal to us that we need to improve – such feedback is also valuable. 😏