Who is behind it?

My name is
Michał Bielewicz.
I have lived in Shanghai for over 14 years. I handle trademark protection in key markets and help companies grow their business in China.
I have had the pleasure of sharing my knowledge of doing business in China in several publications: "The Sweet and Sour Road to China's Tables", published by the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, co-author of "Vademecum of enterpreneur. How to sell in China", published by the Boym Institute Publishing House. I also had the pleasure of sharing my knowledge in the book "Business in China" by Radosław Pyffel, published by MT Business.
I have also held workshops on doing business in China for students of e.g: Jagiellonian University, Warsaw School of Economics, Leon Kozminski Academy and webinars for e.g. PNP Paribas Bank Polsk, Business Centre Club, Polish Trade and Investment Agency.
China is important
in my career.
I first landed in Shanghai in 2006. From the very beginning, I was captivated by this magical place. It was easy for me, and indeed for anyone who has landed behind the Great Wall, to imagine limitless business opportunities in this part of the world.
Unfortunately, as time went on, it became apparent that not everyone was entitled to them. Too often, expansion has been held up by a failure to register a brand that has already been registered in bad faith by somebody else. Intuition led me to take further action.
Why do I do it?
I am aware of the number of business opportunities that have been lost by companies precisely because they did not register their trade marks in advance.
Sometimes their trademarks have been registered by others in bad faith, blocking access to the market. I think about the needs of businesses, whether they are start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises or large organisations.

I run Trademark

Promote the practice #File1st® of registering trademarks in advance.
Filing trademarks for protection was simple, fast and effective.
Protect a company's intellectual property and accelerate its expansion into new markets.
Help companies recover their trademarks.
To provide companies with a tool for the management of their brand portfolio.
Building a community of partners - IP professionals at the service of ambitious businesses.
Support businesses in their expansion through ease of brand protection.
Trademark Partners a platform for the protection of brands in key global markets for ambitious companies.
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