Trademark protection services in China & East Asia

Chinese brand naming service

mark audit・filing for registration・appeal・opposition・trademark invalidation・mark non-use cancellation・transfer praw do znaku towarowego・register update・trademark defend・monitoring mark databases・competitor analysis・custom recordal

Chiny kontynentalne・Macau・Hongkong・Taiwan・Kambodża・Indonezja・Singapur・Tajlandia

We are experts in trademark protection in China and other Far East Asian countries. We not only register but also recover trademark registered in bad faith by unauthorised third parties.

For ambitious clients we create Chinese equivalent brand names. Names having a desired, perfect meaning for Chinese consumers. We work with professional Chinese native naming specialists. 

We know business in Asia. Quite a lot we can advice.

What do we
specialize in?

We accelerate the application by direct submission

We act quickly because that’s how business must work today to win in Asia. We file for brand protection directly to local Asian trademark official authorities. In the case of China, this is the China Trademark Office.

We are getting back marks registered in bad faith by third party

Filing for trademark protection by unauthorised third party unfortunately still happens. We help companies that have encountered this situation to get back the brand through legal procedures. We know that paying the fee is objectionable and unfair.

We are creating a brand names, having desired meaning for Chinese

Chinese brand naming is the art of coding the desired meaning, understandable for Chinese consumers. Chinese native naming professionals creates it upon client’s brief and then submit them for protection as trademarks.